Strathos Setting Resources


Strathos is a setting I've been fleshing out for... quite a while. The main documents are within a Google Drive folder (if you want to check it out, send me a message) that myself and a few of my compatriots have been updating as we see fit.

The basic gist of the setting is that of a Flat Earth, but two-sided. One side has a 16 hour day, and the other side has a 16 hour night. Sandwiched between the two is a vast underground.

Setting Ideas

Strathos - a rough description of the world, with rudimentary drawings.

The Primacy - an empire based on the "Dark Side" of Strathos. It is ruled by Hobgoblins (the regular DnD kind). This is a militaristic and expanding empire based on Law and a perverted vision of Modron society.

The Rim - Surrounding the world is the Rim; the edge of the world. It is a cold and desolate place with many secrets.

The Elbonian Empire

Fall of the Elbonian Empire - a brief summary of what caused the downfall of the once-great Empire.

Elbonian Culture - While the empire is long gone, the people still live in disjointed and bickering nation-states. They still have a unifying culture though, and this describes the complicated class structure that has evolved.

Adventure Hooks

The Silt Sea - a body of water frequented by both gold prospectors and bandits.

The Ship in the Trollands - a crashed spaceship mutating all around it!

Free Cities Bar Association - a society of attorneys who argue law using duels instead of words.

The Manse of Silence - every setting needs a great library, right? The Manse of Silence is just that. A great library. But only during daylight hours and you have to be really, really, quiet.


Initial Campaign Map - this map was made using the INCREDIBLE Hex-Kit software. Since I made this map, Hex-Kit has been updated and more people have made tile-sets for it, including ones of traditional hexes (instead of the side-ways hexes the creator of Hex-Kit favors)

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