Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Cyborg class for DCC RPG

The Cyborg

This class is born of my dislike for other Cyborg classes created by other people.

by Ramon Perez

No matter your background, you were found by someone or something and changed into a machine.

Your living body was removed piece by piece until only your conscious brain remained. This was placed into a cybernetic body to be used as a shock trooper and slave by your creator. The process was torturous and mind-bending.

Something went wrong.

The implants and programming are not under the master’s control, but yours. You have free will and complete control of your new body.

Hit Points: 1D10 per level of experience. Hit points do not heal; you must be fixed.

Weapon Training: All weapons are traited as trained. You cann’t wear armor of any kind.

Alignment: You are free to choose any alignment.

Attack Modifier: Same as Chaotic Thief

Intimidation: Your artificialness is disturbing to most and you suffer a penalty of one step down the Dice Chain when making Personality Checks.

Luck: If you have a Luck modifier, it also affects your Action Die when attacking, making Self Repair rolls, and any attempt to interface with a computer.

Cyborg: Due to your body being over 90% artificial, you are effectively no longer human in the biological sense. 
  • You require merely a cup of nutrient paste per day and a single cup of water to maintain what biological parts you have left.
  • You still require oxygen, and so breathe with artificial lungs.
    • You have a bonus of one die higher on the Dice Chain to Fortitude checks against poisons and toxins
  • Tactile senses are virtually non-existent. Any check requiring a sense of touch is performed at a minus 4 penalty. 
  • Your body is very dense and sinks to the bottom of water.
  • You can hold your breath for up to 15 minutes
  • An internal computer implant displays information within your vision much like a Heads Up Display. 
  • Computer Interface: You can interface directly with other computers. Depending on the computer system's security, a skill check may be necessary. 
Self-Repair: You have an innate knowledge of how to repair damage to your body.  However, you are only proficient enough to repair 1 Hit Die worth of hit points or 1 point of Ability Score per day. To do this, you must make a Self Repair trained skill check of medium difficulty every time you attempt to repair yourself.

Armor: Your armor is your bionic body itself. 
  • Your Armor Class is equivalent to Scale Mail.
  • You cannot wear additional armor. 
  • Critical Hits against you roll at a minus 2 on the critical hit table, with a minimum result of 1.

Physical Strength: Your muscles are a combination of hydraulics and myomer threading. 
  • You have a base Strength Score of 16 now, replacing your previous Strength score. This can still be burned as normal, but does not naturally heal; you must be fixed.
  • You inflict 1d4 damage with your punches and kicks.

Cybernetic Implants (choose two or roll twice on the following table at first level). Other cybernetic implants can be procured and installed as you adventure.
  • Heavy Armor: Your armor is bulkier and provides an Armor Class of Full Plate.
  • Sensor Hand: One hand contains a sensor suit
  • Tool Hand: One hand can transform into any simple non-weapon tool.
  •  Arm Weapon. A single weapon can be built into one arm. If ammunition is necessary, you have enough for 1d5 rounds of combat.
  • Machine Strength: Your Strength score now has a base of 18. Punches and kicks inflict d5 damage. 
  • Faster: Your movement speed is doubled. 
  • Jumper: You can jump 10 feet high or across without a running start. Double distance if running. 
  • Telescopic Vision: can magnify distances up to 15x. 
  • Camera Vision: can take still or video images and store them. 
  • Secret compartment: You can choose where the secret compartment is located on your body, but the amount it can contain is determined by the size of the location. 
  • Self-Destruct Mechanism: This implant was originally installed so that your former master could control you. Somehow, you gained control of the switch. With a mental command, you can set it on a timer for up to one hour, or self-destruct immediately. How you self-destruct is up to you; however, the area of effect is no more than a five foot radius around you.
  • Targeting Assistance: By taking time to compute targeting information, you increase your chances to hit. The first round grants a +1d3, the second a +1d4, the third a +1d5, and so on up the Dice Chain.

 Advancement Table

Level 1: Attack: +1. Crit Table/Die: 1d10/III. Action Dice: 1d20. Ref: 0, Fort: +1, Will: +1
Level 2: Attack: +1. Crit Table/Die: 1d12/III. Action Dice: 1d20. Ref: +1, Fort: +1, Will: +1
Level 3: Attack: +2. Crit Table/Die: 1d14/III. Action Dice: 1d20. Ref: +1, Fort: +2, Will: +1
Level 4: Attack: +2. Crit Table/Die: 1d16/IV. Action Dice: 1d20. Ref: +1, Fort: +2, Will: +2
Level 5: Attack: +3. Crit Table/Die: 1d20/IV. Action Dice: 1d20. Ref: +2, Fort: +3, Will: +2
Level 6: Attack: +3. Crit Table/Die: 1d24/IV. Action Dice: 1d20+1d8. Ref: +2, Fort: +3, Will: +3
Level 7: Attack: +4. Crit Table/Die: 1d30/IV. Action Dice: 1d20+1d12. Ref: +3, Fort: +4, Will: +3
Level 8: Attack: +4. Crit Table/Die: 1d30/IV. Action Dice: 1d20+1d16. Ref: +3, Fort: +4, Will: +4
Level 9: Attack: +5. Crit Table/Die: 2d20/IV. Action Dice: 1d20+1d20. Ref: +3, Fort +5, Will: +4
Level 10: Attack: +6. Crit Table/Die: 2d20/IV. Action Dice: 1d20+1d20+1d10. Ref: +3, Fort: +5, Will: +5